SDF pays tribute to fighter who fell as martyr in Manbij

The SDF said that Cebhat El Akrad Forces fighter Hêlan Cilwî El Ferîc El Selame fell as a martyr.

The Democratic Syrian Forces (SDF) Press Center, said in a statement: "The occupying Turkish state and its mercenaries continue their attacks on the Northern and Eastern Syrian regions, and in their attacks to disrupt the security and stability of the region, they use armed unmanned aerial vehicles, heavy weapons, tanks and missiles."

The statement added: “Our fighters stand against all attacks carried out by the Turkish state and its mercenaries to protect the people of the region from invasion.

Seqman, our fighter in the Jabhat Al Akrad Forces affiliated with our forces on the Manbij front, fell as a martyr while responding to the attacks.”

The statement continued: “Our martyr comrade participated in many military operations. He acquired his combat expertise in training, and participated in many operations launched against the ISIS terrorist organization, showing great resistance together with his friends.

We express our condolences to the family of the martyr. We will realize the goal of the martyrs, the liberation of the occupied regions, and defend the security of our people and our region."

Identity of the martyr

The identity information of the Jabhat Al Akrad Forces fighter is as follows:

Codename: Seqman

Name and surname: Hêlan Cilwî El Ferîc El Selame

Mother's name: Betle

Father's name: Cilwî

Place and date of birth: Meskenê/2003

Place and date of his martyrdom: Manbij-Erima, 2 February 2024