Second Cooperatives Conference in Hesekê ends with important decisions taken

Important decisions were taken at the 2nd Cooperatives Conference held in Hesekê.

The 2nd Cooperatives Conference of Northern and Eastern Syria was held in Hesekê with the slogan "Cooperative is the identity of the communal society".

150 cooperative representatives and many people attended the conference held in Xabur Hall. Northern and Eastern Syria Democratic Autonomous Administration Assembly co-chair Hesen Koçer and Social Projects and Cooperatives Department co-cChair Mihemed Sebri made speeches. Following the speeches, the activity reports of the cooperatives were read.

The conference, which was closed to the press, ended with important decisions taken. The decisions were eventually read by Necwa Ehmed, co-chair of the Northern and Eastern Syria Social Projects and Cooperatives Department.

She listed the decision as follows: “Cooperatives should be organized as councils and communes.

Cooperatives should be developed on the basis of agricultural development.

Industrial cooperatives should be developed.

Cooperatives should be organized according to the characteristics of each cooperative.

Clean energy should be taken into consideration in cooperatives and the role of women and youth in cooperatives should be increased."