Shehba suffers Turkey’s bombs and Syria’s embargo

People from Afrin who live in Shehba are suffering due to the Syrian regime’s embargo against the canton, and are subjected to bombings by the Turkish state and their allied gangs.

The people who were forced out of Afrin after the Turkish state occupation and moved to Shehba are struggling to meet their most basic needs due to the Syrian regime embargo. The regime has imposed a high tax on goods as they enter the canton, and doesn’t allow doctors to enter.


Isam Hemad, who settled in Shehba after the occupation of Afrin, spoke about the regime embargo and said: “We are Syrian citizens too. This practice targets the unity of Syrian people.”

Mihemed Xilo from Afrin said: “The invading Turkish state constantly bombs our villages. And the Syrian regime makes it harder for us as they take a cut out of crossings.”

Hevin Husen said the people are suffering due to shortages in food and medicine: “The embargo and the siege aim to break the will of the region’s people. But we insist on resistance to return to Afrin.”