Sheikh Haci Abdullah: "If the PKK wins, we all win"

The Fatimi tribe has thousands of members in Rojava. Sheikh Haci Abdullah contradicts the thesis of Turkish "security concerns" and says that the Erdogan regime wants to bring back the Ottoman Empire.

Sheikh Haci Abdullah of the Fatimi tribe criticises the Turkish state's attacks on Kurdistan and the involvement of the Barzanî clan. The Fatimi tribe has thousands of members in Rojava. Abdullah spoke to ANF in Hesekê about the current situation. He said that the Turkish leadership has been attacking the region for twelve years due to alleged "security concerns": "Turkey wants to bring back the Ottoman Empire and has been attacking for about twelve years. The population is forced to flee again and again. There is constant talk of a 'security zone'. However, it is not about security, it is about an occupation zone."

"We must unite to prevent the occupation"

The attacks follow a concept of occupation and annihilation and are not limited to Rojava, Haci Abdullah emphasized and continued: "Whether Rojava, Bashur, Bakur or Rojhilat, we are all one and must prevent occupation as one. If one part of us loses blood, we all bleed. That is why we must support each other. Our neighbours in Shengal are also under attack, they are also our brothers and sisters."

Abdullah addressed the collaboration of the Barzani clan-dominated KDP in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and said: "It makes us sad and angry that there is betrayal along with the occupation attacks. This is not good at all. When we see photos of the Barzanis together with Erdogan and similar people, it triggers anger. This should not have happened. We have the opportunity as Kurds to form a unity. No one should reach out to the enemy who wants to destroy us. The enemy hates the Kurds and wants to wipe us out. They are not only attacking the Kurds, but all population groups. We live together as Kurdish, Arab, Turkmen and Armenian people. We will never accept the occupation. The people must support the fighting guerrillas. We stand by the guerrillas until the last drop of blood. If the PKK wins, we all win."