TEV-DEM: The Caesar Act means a disaster

TEV-DEM describes the tightening of sanctions against Syria as a disaster that will primarily affect the population.

In the run-up to the tightening of sanctions against Syria through the so-called Caesar Act of the USA, inflation in Syria is exploding. The Caesar Act means a massive tightening of sanctions against the Syrian regime and makes a reconstruction of the country de facto impossible. The sanctions are not only directed against those responsible for torture and regime officials, but against all those who, in whatever form, "support" the government in Damascus. Thus, not only Iran and Russia are in the focus of the sanctions, but also any establishment that accepts orders for any form of reconstruction.

In a statement published on Sunday, the "Movement for a Democratic Society" (TEV-DEM) held the Syrian government responsible for the sanctions and said: "The sanctions against Syria and its people, known as the Caesar Act, will soon come into force. The international community has so far failed to present a solution to the Syrian crisis. For this reason, Syrian society has for years been experiencing the pain resulting from attacks based on denominationalism, ethnic discrimination and occupation ambitions. The Syrian regime is evading inter-Syrian dialogue, while this is indeed its responsibility and a prerequisite for a solution. The regime is therefore responsible for exacerbating the social and economic crisis in the country. In order to mitigate the effects of this crisis, it must seek a solution and alternatives".

TEV-DEM appealed to the government in Damascus to engage in a dialogue with all parts of the population and to exert pressure on the international community to avert the sanctions. According to the TEV-DEM statement, the sanctions will primarily affect the population: "They represent another disaster in the Syrian crisis. The country's economic infrastructure has collapsed anyway and daily living requirements are only being met with great difficulty. Another disintegration is sacrificing the peoples of Syria to the interests of states like Turkey, which wants to occupy the country".

TEV-DEM called the Caesar Act an economic war, which also aims to force the peoples of North and East Syria to surrender. Speaking of a highly immoral policy that seeks to drive the population into hunger, TEV-DEM continued: “The sanctions will mean a severe blow to the markets As a result, the supply of food and medical needs will deteriorate. In this way the Coronavirus pandemic will also spread in society. All this shows that an economic war is being waged against us and our free will."

The statement pointed out that not only the Syrian government but also the international community would be responsible for the effects of the sanctions: "As TEV-DEM, we see the United Nations, which is closing its eyes to the effects, as responsible. Along with this, the US-led international coalition against the ISIS, Russia and the Syrian government are also responsible. We appeal to the international community to stop the sanctions and to fulfil their ethical responsibility.”