Three ISIS terrorists captured in YPG operation in Shaddadi

YPG units carried out a wider operation against a number of ISIS sleeper-cells after a longer time of surveillance.

Teams of Special Operation Units of YPG combat forces carried out an operation in Shaddadi on August 4th. As a result of this operation, 3 terrorists were arrested, a number of weapons, armament and tools for making explosives were confiscated.

YPG Press Office announced the balance-sheet regarding the operation as follows:

As a result of the operation, the following was confiscated:

2 BKC`s and 4000 rounds of ammunition

75 IED`s

1 B-7 RPG launcher, 37 warheads and 33 triggering parts

1 handmade sniper rifle

3 AK-47`s and 94 magazines

1 60mm Mortar

1 pair of binoculars

14 suicide vests

10 kg`s TNT

1 roll of command wire

1 suppressor

Miscellaneous tools for making explosives