Turkey attacks 14 different villages in Rojava in just one hour

The Turkish state has attacked 14 different villages or points in Kobanê, Manbij, Ain Issa, Girê Spî and Zirgan in just one hour.

The Turkish state, together with its army recruited from mercenaries such as ISIS and Al Nusra, attacked the villages of Zormaxar, Çarexlê, Koran and Xerbîsan in Kobanê, the villages of Masî, Toxar Sexîr and Catê, north of Manbij city center, in just one hour.

They bombarded the camp, the M4 Highway and the village of Mîelaq, the villages of Bîr Kêtik and Silêybî west of Girê Spî, and the village of Esediyê in Zirgan with heavy weapons and howitzers.

Warplanes and drones continue to fly over the region.