Turkey bombs many villages in Northern and Eastern Syria

The Turkish state bombed many villages in Northern and Eastern Syria, from Afrin to Girê Spî, from Shehba to Til Temir, with heavy weapons and howitzers.

The Turkish state's attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria continue. Today, many points have been bombed.

The villages of Meyase and Bênê in Sherawa district of Afrin; Kobanê's villages of Qeremox, Zormixar, Cêşan and Çarixli; the villages Seyda and Abu Sira in Ain Issa, the villages of Kefer Garis and Semûqa in Shehba, and Shehba Dam. They bombarded the village of Şêx Elî in Til Temir district with howitzers and other heavy weapons.

Another target of the attacks was the villages of Zenûbiye, Kor Hesen and Xan to the west of Girê Spî.