Turkey cuts off waters of the Euphrates and the Tigris

The Turkish state is lowering the water levels in the rivers Euphrates and Tigris with the dams they build. The reduction in the river waters is affecting the agriculture and husbandry activity in Syria.

Turkey reducing the waters of the River Euphrates has resulted in a viral epidemic around the river bank. Fields irrigated by the Euphrates are facing a draught. Animals in the region don’t receive enough water, and are coming down with diseases.

Xelef El Eli, Agriculture Committee member in Al Mansura town under the Tabqa Agriculture Office, said: “After the waters of Euphrates were reduced, epidemics broke out among livestock. Diseases related to insufficient water intake are emerging in particular, and the milk yield is falling.”

El Eli said the animals are coming down with various diseases and that the animal farmers have great damages and many animals have perished.

People are also under risk of infection when they consume products from diseased animals.

The invading Turkish state is expanding these policies. With a new dam over the Tigris River, the flow is expected to fall further and Iraqi agriculture will be adversely affected. The waters of the Euphrates have been cut off for the last 6 months.