Turkey deports more than 3,000 Syrian refugees to Girê Spî in February

The Turkish state deported more than 3,000 Syrian refugees last month to Girê Spî, as part of the policy of demographic change in the Kurdish-majority regions occupied by Turkey.

The Turkish state continues to implement its colonization plan in the occupied areas, deporting Syrians to Girê Spi. More than 3,000 Syrian refugees were deported there in February.

According to sources from the region, the Turkish authorities handed the refugees over to the mercenaries of the “military police”, with a view to resettling them in the homes of the forcibly displaced people.

The sources indicated that most of the deportees were from the regions of Hama, Aleppo, Damascus countryside, Deir ez-Zor and other Syrian regions.

The number of refugees deported to occupied Girê Spi, since the Turkish authorities announced the start of the resettlement project at the beginning of April 2022, has reached more than 35 thousand.