Turkish forces abduct 14 people in Afrin and Jarablus

The Turkish state, which has established a complete terror regime in the occupied territories, has kidnapped at least 14 people in Afrin and Jarablus in recent days.


According to information from local sources, a person named Izet Xelo (67) was kidnapped on March 3 in Cindires district of Afrin, which has been under occupation since 2018.

In occupied Jarablus, 13 people were kidnapped in the last three days. According to the information available, the abducted people in Jarablus are IDPs who were forcibly returned from Turkey. According to reports, these people were kidnapped after they crossed the border and refused the gangs' demands for ransom.

In the Shiye district of Afrin, gangs affiliated to the Turkish state seized the houses of three Kurdish citizens and forced them out of their homes. The names of those whose houses were seized are as follows: Seydo Hec Ibrahim Şêxo, Hesen Mistefa Çolaq and Osman Ebdo Zelxa.

According to human rights organizations, the occupying Turkish state has killed at least 8 people, abducted 87 people and cut down hundreds of trees in Afrin alone since the beginning of 2024.