Turkish state-linked mercenaries torture young man protesting Jindirês massacre

Mercenaries affiliated with the Turkish state tortured a youth who participated with Kurdish symbols in the protest for those who were killed in the massacre in Jindirês.

Afrin Human Rights Organization reported that “Sultan Silêman Shah” (Emşat) mercenaries tortured Mihemed Ebdo Hido in Şiyê district. The Human Rights Organization added that Mihemed Ebdo Hido, participated with Kurdish symbols in the protests for the 4 people who were killed in Jindirês on 21 March, Newroz day.

The organization stated that mercenaries raided the house of the young man from Afrin at night, took him out of the house, brought him to Devewlê, tortured him and threatened to kill him.

In addition, the human rights organization said that the mercenaries caused difficulties for the citizens who tried to cross into Jindirês from the checkpoint on the road to the village of Hemama in the south of Şiyê district.