Two mercenaries killed, one vehicle destroyed in Ain Issa

The Turkish state continues its genocidal attacks against northern Syria in an effort to invade the region in violation of international law since October 9.

The Turkish army and allied mercenaries attacked the village of Hoshan in Ain Issa and the M4 highway Monday noon.

Fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) retaliated against the attack. A DShK-laden vehicle was destroyed and two mercenaries in it were killed.

The occupation forces continue their artillery attacks against the region.

The occupation attacks of the Turkish army and its jihadist proxy troops on residential areas along the M4 strategic highway in northern Syria continue unabated. The aggressors are focusing in particular on the town of Ain Issa, which is located between the already Turkish-occupied city of Girê Spî (Tal Abyad) and the city of Raqqa, and surrounding residential areas. Civilian settlements are regularly attacked with artillery. The refugee camp in Ain Issa is also affected by the occupation efforts of the invading forces.