Two more women kidnapped in Turkish-occupied Afrin

Occupation forces stormed a village in Afrin and kidnapped two women on the grounds that they had taught Kurdish language in the past.

Turkish intelligence agents and so-called “Military Police” gangs stormed the village of Etmana in the Rajo district of the Turkish-occupied Afrin city in northern Syria. The invaders abducted two women named Hêvîn Ehmed and Cîhan Mihemed Elî Qere Hiso on the grounds that they had taught Kurdish language in the past.

It is reported that both women, who are married and have children, were then taken to the Merate prison in Afrin city center.

While Cîhan Mihemed Elî was reportedly released by the gangs in exchange for a ransom of 500 Turkish Liras paid by her family, Hêvîn Ehmed is still unaccounted for.

According to the Women’s Bureau and NGOs in the Afrin region, 84 women have been killed, thousands of them have been kidnapped and 6 women have committed suicide since Afrin was occupied by the Turkish forces and allied jihadist groups in 2018. Thousands of women held captive in Kawa Junction Prison and Kefercen Prison have been exposed to torture and rape. Sexual abuse crimes against 71 women were committed.

The Turkish state, with a soldiery of jihadists and right-wing extremists, established a regime of terror over Afrin after they occupied the city in March 2018. Kidnappings, looting, ransom and displacement have been the order of the day ever since. In the past two months alone, more than 300 abductions have been recorded in Afrin, and 25 of those abducted were women. At least six civilians were killed.

For the period between July 29 and August 23, the Afrin Human Rights Organization registered 101 abductions. 17 of the abductees were women. In addition, three minors were among those abducted. Often the abductees are taken to torture chambers run by mercenaries or the MIT and released after paying ransoms. However, abductees are repeatedly tortured to death and their bodies dumped in fields or other places. This creates a climate of terror and drives the Kurdish population away.