UNICEF reduces water supply to Afrin refugees

Speaking about UNICEF cutting off the water supply to the refugees from Afrin, Gulistan Atî said: “The Turkish state is cutting off the water of millions of people in Hesekê. UNICEF is doing the same in Afrin.”

Shehba is subjected to the strict embargo of the Damascus government, and at the same time is the target of brutal attacks by the Turkish state. Hundreds of thousands of people displaced from Afrin are now struggling to find drinking water. The reduction of the amount of drinking water provided by UNICEF to the camps in Shehba is no different from the policy of the Turkish state which left millions of people without water in Hesekê.

Kurdish Democratic Party-Syria Central Committee member, Gulistan Atî, told ANHA: “The invading Turkish state is fighting Northern and Eastern Syria using all methods and tools. Dozens of crimes are committed every day against refugees from Afrin. The refugees are under the Damascus government embargo and cannot even meet their basic needs. Now, UNICEF's reduction of drinking water supply to the camps has further aggravated their situation. UNICEF, which did not fulfill the humanitarian responsibility it assumed, is actually responsible for a situation which resembles the outcome of the decision of the Turkish state to close Alouk Water station. A human-based institution cannot take such a step.”