'We will develop a revolutionary people's war to defend our land'

The people of Dirbesiyê flocked to streets to protest the invasion attacks of the Turkish state, saying that they had no choice but to resist in order to protect the achievements of the revolution and the land.

Dozens of citizens staged a mass demonstration in Dirbesiyê on Friday to condemn the ongoing Turkish attacks on North and East Syria and to demand the closure of airspace to Turkey.

The locals who started a march from the front of the headquarters of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement carried Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan’s photos and banners that read "End the Turkish state terror against women".

Imad Biro, a manager of the Civil Defence Forces (HPC) made a short speech during the demonstration. “Turkish drone strikes are destroying the security and stability of the region. Turkey’s goal is to intimidate the people and to revive the Ottoman Empire. Its other goal is to eradicate the Democratic Autonomous Administration project that represents the people of North and East Syria,” Biro said.

“The people of the region have no choice but to prepare for resistance and revolutionary people's war in order to protect the achievements of the martyrs and the territorial integrity of the region,” Biro added.

Biro urged the guarantor states in the region to stop the vicious attacks of the invading Turkish state and to close the airspace of the North and East Syria region to Turkey.

The demonstration was concluded with slogans praising the resistance of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and condemning the Turkish aggression.