Were 14 people executed by SNA militia in Serêkaniyê?

Ismail al-Sahal of the Begara tribe speaks of a summary execution of 14 people by SNA mercenaries commanded by Turkey in the occupied northern Syrian city of Serêkaniyê.

More reports of crimes committed by the Turkish invading forces and their SNA mercenaries in northern Syria are coming out daily. In addition to looting and displacement, there is repeated talk of kidnapping, torture and executions. Yet another alarming report has been received from the village of Menacîr near Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ain) of a public execution of 14 people from the resistant Arab Begara tribe.

"We had to flee to save ourselves from brutal attacks"

Sufi Ismail al-Sahal belongs to the Begara tribe and lived in the village of Menacîr since 1980. Due to the Turkish attacks he had to flee via Hesekê to Amûde. He tells the following on his escape: "We used to live a quiet life in safety. The Turkish state and its gangs attacked us and destroyed our peace. We had to flee to save ourselves from the brutal attacks. After leaving Menacîr, we first went to Hesekê and from there to Amûde. The people of Amûde welcomed us. They opened their doors to us and took care of us. The so-called human rights organizations have not fulfilled their duty towards those seeking protection."

He tells that the mercenaries of the so-called "Syrian National Army" (SNA) looted all the property of the civilian population. According to him they even robbed the doors and windows of the houses.

"14 people were executed in the village"

Nobody could save themselves from the attacks of Erdoğan, al-Sahal says and continues; "Erdoğan is trying to create a separate area for his gangs. When I reached Hesekê on the run I learned that 14 people had been executed in Menacîr in the village square. Most of those executed were relatives of mine. Since Erdoğan used ISIS and Al-Nusra jihadists for the invasion, they are also starting the practice of these groups again. Women, children and old people are executed without discrimination.”

The man announced that he would return home at any cost and will be resisting until then.