'With its attacks on North-East Syria, Turkey violates international law and the Geneva Conventions'

Lawyers said that Turkey violated both international law and the Geneva Conventions with its attacks on northern and eastern Syria.

The occupying Turkish state has increased its attacks with Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAVs) and tanks on Northern and Eastern Syria. Along with the attacks, which have already claimed the lives of many SDF fighters and civilians, the Turkish state and allied gangs set fire to cultivated areas in the region.

Speaking to ANHA, lawyers said that the attacks of the Turkish state are unlawful and constitute a crime according to international law.

Hisên Mela, a member of the Lawyers' Union, said: “It is a crime to attack the people and neighbouring states. The attacks by the Turkish state constitute a crime according to both national and international laws. Turkey is a signatory state to many international agreements. Turkey also violates the agreements signed between Russia and the US 3 years ago. The Autonomous Administration is trying to solve problems and end conflicts. But the Turkish state does not want terrorism to end and the security of the region to be ensured."

Ebdurehman Al Sayir, a member of the Raqqa Canton Union of Lawyers, said: "The invading Turkish state's attacks on the region, its people and property, massacre of people, destruction of the infrastructure of the region are both a crime and a violation of the sovereignty of the neighbouring state. These attacks are also against the Geneva Conventions signed on 12 August 1949. In these agreements, attacks against persons or their property, intentional killing, destruction and damage to infrastructure are crimes. But Turkey is committing all these crimes against the people of northern and eastern Syria."