YPG fighter Rûbar Erzîncan dies of illness

YPG fighter Rûbar Erzîncan has died of cancer in Hesekê. He was from Northern Kurdistan and moved to Rojava to defend the region against ISIS barbarism.

YPG fighter Rûbar Erzîncan succumbed to cancer in Hesekê on 23 June. The Kurdish revolutionary's real name was Aykan Koç and he was born in Erzincan. The General Command of the People's Defense Units (YPG) has published an obituary paying tribute to his long struggle.

"The revolution of Rojava has made a name for itself in the history of humanity with a heavy toll and has become the revolution of Kurdistan and the world through heavy struggles. In the past ten years, thousands of young Kurds have joined the revolutionary ranks and stood up to the Islamists and occupiers at the risk of their lives. The whole world can bear witness to the courage of the fighters of the YPJ/YPG. In this way, northern and eastern Syria was liberated from ISIS step by step,” wrote the YPG Command in its obituary.

"One of these brave fighters was our companion Rûbar Erzîncan. His head and heart were shaped by Rêber Apo’s (Abdullah Öcalan’s) philosophy and the idea of a democratic nation, and he came to Rojava at one of the most critical moments of Bakur to defend the people of the region against the ISIS gangs. With his humility and willingness to sacrifice, he entered the hearts of his fellow fighters and his people and showed that the colonial borders in Kurdistan can be overcome,” the YPG said.

The statement added, “Rûbar Erzîncan fell ill with cancer a few years ago and continued his revolutionary work with great determination and enthusiasm even during his treatment. From his life and struggle, his surviving companions have the task of expanding the revolutionary people's war and defending the achievements of the revolution against all attacks. Only with such an attitude can we do justice to our martyrs and make a free and secure future possible for the people of the region.”

The ID details of the YPG fighter are as follows:

Nom de Guerre: Rûbar Erzîncan

First-Last Name: Aykan Koç

Mother’s Name: Hüsniye

Father’s Name: Binali

Place of Birth: Erzincan

Date and Place of Martyrdom: Hesekê/23 June 2022