YPJ announces death of commander Roşna Egîd

The YPJ have announced the death of a long-time fighter. Roşna Egîd was killed in a Turkish airstrike last Saturday.

YPJ fighter Roşna Egîd was killed in a Turkish airstrike on 2 September, said the press office of the Women's Defense Units (YPJ). “Resistance has always been an irreversible path for oppressed people,” said the obituary for the fallen fighter.

According to the information provided by the YPJ, Roşna Egîd was born in 1975 in Dicle, in the province of Amed and joined the freedom movement in 1991. She was involved in many areas of the freedom struggle and came to Kobanê in the wake of the Turkish state's attacks on Rojava.

The YPJ wrote: “For Hevala Roşna, the definition of a free life was like water that cannot be stopped. In every moment of her life, as a revolutionary woman, she was an example.”

The YPJ added that “the Rojava Revolution is the result of centuries of struggles by women like Roşna Egîd. It requires hard work, dedication and tireless struggle to be part of such a revolution. Roşna Egîd has been involved in the revolution from the beginning as a humble commander with a combative attitude, she radiated strength and conviction in those around her.”

After conquering a safe territory, Hevala Roşna made a great effort to organize the people and especially women. The YPJ continued: “She worked day and night with great dedication to achieve her goals. If women and young people in this country today decide to join the ranks of the revolution, this is also thanks to the work of courageous commanders like Roşna.”

The YPJ said that the Turkish state is increasing its attacks because it knows that the revolution is being led by women. “As companions of our commander and comrade Roşna Egîd, we promise to build a free and peaceful country.”