YPJ commander meets Catalan representatives in Barcelona

YPJ General Command Member Sozdar Dêrik met with the speaker of the parliament and several political party representatives in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia.

Sozdar Dêrik, a member of the General Command of the Women's Defense Units (YPJ), visited Barcelona upon an invitation from the Catalan Parliament.

According to the YPJ Press Center, Dêrik held talks with the speaker of the Catalonian Parliament, Alba Vergés Bosch, representative of the People's Union Party (CUP - Candidatura d'Unitat Popular) Carles Riera and representative of the Republican Left Party of Catalonia (ERC - Esquerra Republicana de Catalonia) Ruben Wagensberg.

During the meetings, the security of North and East Syria, the ISIS danger and the fight against it, the situation of the Hol refugee camp and the Turkish attacks on the region were discussed.

The struggle of women in the military, political and social fields in North and East Syria was also addressed.

YPJ Commander Dêrik was also interviewed on television programs in Catalonia. The YPJ commander answered the questions of more than 400 participants in a TV program moderated by journalist Mònica Terribas.

Dêrik also attended a book fair in Barcelona. During her visit, a book written by Dilar Dirik and titled "Kurdish Women's Movement/Theory and Practice" was introduced to readers at the fair.

The YPJ commander is continuing talks in Catalonia.