YPJ commander Mizgin Kobanê laid to rest

YPJ commander Mizgin Kobanê, who fell as a martyr as a result of the Turkish state's attack, was buried in Kobanê.

Mizgîn Kobanê (Sîham Muslim), who fell as a martyr in Raqqa on 2 July, was buried in Kobanê. The crowd gathered at the Martyr Dicle Cemetery in the south of the city and held a minute's silence in memory of the martyrs of the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle.

Riyad Khalef, commander of the Girê Spî Military Council, said that their struggle will continue until all the occupied regions are liberated.

Sozdar Şêxo, co-chair of the Euphrates Region Internal Affairs Council, said that “the invading Turkish state targets women revolutionaries. We will always protect our martyrs and we will not take a step back."

Speaking on behalf of Martyr Mizgîn's family, Hebun Mihemen called everyone to resist and said: "It is time for a revolutionary people's war."