Afrin administration: The war has moved to another stage

Afrin Canton Democratic Autonomous Administration stated that they have decided to evacuate civilians from the city to avoid civilian massacres, and that the war has moved to another stage.

The Democratic Autonomous Administration of Afrin Canton held a press conference in Shehba and announced their decision to evacuate civilians from the city to avoid civilian massacres and a big humanitarian disaster.

Officials from the canton administration and spokespersons for YPG/YPJ were present in the press conference where a statement was read out by Eecutive Council Co-president Osman Şêx İsa.

Full text of the statement is as follows;

“The heroic resistance of Afrin against the Turkish army and its collaborators- remnants of ISIS and Jabhat Al-Nusra gathered under the name of “Free Army”- has entered its 58th day.

Attacks against Afrin began on January 20 with an alliance with Russia and silence of regional powers. Russia opened its airspace in order for the Turkish state to commit a massacre against our people with all its weapons, and sacrificed the people for its interests.


These attacks were carried out with the silence of international powers, the anti-ISIS coalition and United Nations Security Council.

Massacre and forced migration is being imposed in Afrin. Hundreds of civilians suffered all kinds of attacks. This fact shows that the mentioned powers did not fulfill their responsibilities for our people and fighters against ISIS and Erdoğan that spread terror all around the world.

The pro-ISIS Turkish state is using gangs to change the demographics in Afrin and settles these reactionary forces and their families in the place of people. AKP has massacred hundreds of civilians trying to flee these attacks. Genocidal policies are being pursued against a folk.


During 58 days of attacks, our people and fighters mounted great resistance against NATO’s second largest army. The whole world should know that our people and fighters resisted this savage force with strong will. However, the invading Turkish army has continuously targeted civilians and during the past two days, many children and women were massacred, and the sub-structures of Afrin were demolished in a planned manner. In order to avoid a big humanitarian disaster, we have decided for the evacuation of civilians from the city.


Our fight against the Turkish state invasion and dark forces using the name of “Free Army” continues. However, the war has moved to another stage with new tactics to prevent the massacre of civilians and deliver a blow to the gangs. Our forces are deployed everywhere in Afrin and they will inflict a blow to the invading Turkish army and its gangs in their own base. A declaration of victory by Erdogan and his partners has no value in the eye of Turkey- and world public opinion. Our forces will make everywhere a nightmare for them. The resistance of Afrin will continue until every inch is liberated and people of Afrin turn back their homes.


In addition to the people of Afrin, peoples of entire Northern Syria and Kurdistan stand up for Afrin. Besides, democratic forces all around the world have not left Afrin alone. On behalf of our people, we salute everyone that has embraced the resistance of Afrin. We call upon them to continue their support for our people against genocidal policies and press for our people to return home and for Turkish invasion forces to leave Afrin.


Lastly, we call on the United Nations Security Council to not remain silent and to put pressure on the Turkish state in order for the war of physical, cultural and political genocide against our society to end. The UN should end its hypocrisy and make the necessary decisions regarding the bloodshed in Afrin and Eastern Ghouta.


Since the start of attacks, 500 civilians including children, women and elderly have been martyred at the hands of Turkish state fascism and more than 1030 others got wounded. Apart from that, 820 SDF fighters have fallen as martyrs.

We promise our people, our martyrs and the wounded that we will take vengeance for them. Our cause is the cause of resistance and struggle based on loyalty to our martyrs, and our goal is victory.”