Assyrian commanders: “We are prepared to defend Afrin”

Assyrian Xabur Zerevan Council Commanders state that Afrin is part of Syria, and that they are prepared to defend Afrin even at the price of their blood.

Assyrian Xabur Zerevan Council Command Members Şemun Kako and Madlen Xemis spoke to ANHA about the Turkish state’s invasion attacks.

Council Commander Şemun Kano stated that they as Assyrians condemn the Turkish state’s vile attacks against Afrin: “An attack on Afrin is an attack on us. Every martyr in Afrin is our martyr.” Kano said the Assyrian people have lived together with the people of Afrin for centuries and said, “We stand with the Afrin resistance with our life and our blood. With all our strength, we are prepared to defend Afrin.”

Madlen Xemid spoke in the name of the Assyrian Xabur Zerevan Council Women’s Organization and condemned the attacks on Afrin. Xemid said as Assyrian women they are prepared to resist against the attacks on Afrin: “The attacks on Afrin are geared towards Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians and all constituents. Afrin is part of Syria, and an attack on Afrin is an attack on us. We will continue our struggle for the defense of Afrin and the emancipation of all of Syria’s lands.”