Cizire Canton’s Saruxan: Afrin will be liberated from invaders

Cizire Canton Executive Council co-chair said people of Afrin will return to their homes.

Cizire Canton Executive Council co-chair, Ebdullkerîm Saruxan, has made some remarks at the commemoration ceremony for the July martyrs.

Speaking at Martyr Delil Saruxan Cemetery in Qamishlo, Saruxan said that the people who are empowered by the philosophy of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan continue to walk on the path of freedom.

Saruxan, evaluating the possibilities of reaching peace in Syria, said: “We are ready to talk and meet to work on a permanent solution. We are ready to work for a peaceful, decentralized and multicolored Syria".

Noting that “All Kurdistan parties and forces should get together and hold a common stance towards the ongoing genocidal attacks against Kurdistan”, Saruxan called for the establishment of the Kurdish National Congress against the attacks targeting the Kurdistan territory, and especially South Kurdistan.

“Those who create obstacles to the establishment of the National Congress must be exposed and condemned by our people”, he said.

Saruxan confirmed that the resistance in Afrin is continuing.

“The liberation of Afrin is our first target. Afrin will be liberated from the invading Turkish state and its mercenary allies. The resistance will go on to ensure all people of Afrin can return to their homes”.