“The invaders’ council can’t represent people of Afrin”

The people of Afrin who have been displaced by the barbaric attacks of the invading Turkish army and their allied gangs called the so called council formed by the Turkish state in Antep for the administration of Afrin “a council of traitors”.

The citizens forcibly displaced by the invading Turkish state and their allied gangs are protesting the so-called council formed in Antep by gang leaders and ENKS members. Hisên Welîd asked: “Who from Afrin would accept a council of traitors?” and added: “All members of this council have participated in the murder of civilians, the looting and the thievery in Afrin.”

Şervan Bekir said the gangs brought from elsewhere have been put in the council to administer Afrin: “This is an immoral council. They want to make a place for themselves in the city that citizens built with their blood. The members of this council should know that they can’t stay here and no citizen of Afrin will accept them.”

Elî Îbo stated that the people involved in the inhumane attacks in Afrin are now in the council to legitimize those attacks: “The invaders’ council can never represent the people of Afrin. The Turkish state’s plans for the region will be voided by the resistance of the people of Afrin.”