Turkey challenges humanity in Afrin

The Turkish army, which has mobilized its conventional armed forces to occupy the northern Syrian canton of Afrin, is massacring the encircled civilian population.

The armed forces of the AKP-MHP coalition under the leadership of dictator Erdogan, armed with conventional war equipment and jihadist al Qaeda / IS militia, once again carried out an evening bombing of central Afrin. The air and ground attacks have killed and injured countless civilians, including several children.

The Kurdish hostility-based fundamentalist-racist government of the Turkish state mobilizes all its power to occupy the northern Syrian canton of Afrin, strangle the grassroots model of self-government in order to consolidate colonial rule throughout Kurdistan. Despite the use of cutting-edge weapons technology, Turkey's conventional armed forces have failed to break the 55-day resistance of the people and their fighters in an anti-international war of aggression on foreign territory.

The air and ground attacks by the Turkish army, which deliberately destroys civilian settlements and massacres the population, continue unabated. The encircled city of Afrin has been bombarded almost continuously for two days.

Population density in central Afrin

With the onset of invasive attacks by the Turkish army, countless residents of districts and villages have fled to central Afrin. As a result, the number of civilians in the city has grown rapidly. In the hope of forcing the population to flee, dams, water treatment plants and bakeries were bombed and destroyed. Since the population cannot be driven out of their homeland despite the attacks, heavily heavy artillery is striking central Afrin.

City center is bombed

Since 4 pm yesterday, grenades and mortars from the Turkish occupation army have hit central Afrin. The air raids of the fighter jets started at 16:30 clock. Meanwhile, Turkish artillery continuously targeted civilian settlements. The first attacks killed five civilians, including two children. Another 12 people were injured. Nine of the injured, two of whom are children, belong to one family. 13 people have been killed by the attacks since yesterday.

Outskirts also bombed

In addition to central Afrin, the Turkish army bombards the outskirts and areas where battles take place. A grenade hit the village of Tirindê in the city center and injured five children. Robin Memo (5), Rolyane Memo (11), Mihemed Ebdo Memo (9), Rozi Memo (6) and Neçirvan Memo (13) were brought to the Avrîn Hospital at 22:30.

Battles continue on five fronts

On the fronts of Bilbilê, Shiyê, Shêrawa, Shêra and Mabeta fierce battles take place between SDF units and Turkish invaders. At least 81 soldiers and jihadists of the Turkish army were killed in the clashes since midday yesterday. Six military vehicles have been destroyed.

The Press Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released on Wednesday the identities of 14

SDF fighters and 28 members of the Asayîş security forces who fell in the resistance of Afrin. 32 other resistance fighters were buried yesterday with a military ceremony.

MSD call

The Democratic Council of Syria (MSD) has again called for public attention following the encirclement of the city. It said: "We call on the international community and international human rights organizations to break their silence in the face of ongoing attacks and massacres of civilians. The world community must fulfill its responsibility. The cease-fire agreed by the United Nations Security Council across Syria is not implemented. The price is paid by the peoples of Afrin and Eastern Ghouta. We call on the UN Security Council to respect its own decisions and to demand that action be taken as soon as possible to implement the ceasefire in Syria."

Kurds and friends on the streets for Afrin

The Kurdish people and their friends, who have been demonstrating everywhere for 55 days against the invasive attacks of the Turkish state on Afrin, have also held protests in numerous European cities yesterday.

Statement of TEV-DEM

The Northern Syrian Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM) issued a written statement in the evening calling for strengthening solidarity for the resistance of Afrin. It was emphasized that the Turkish occupiers carried out genocidal attacks on the civilian population using conventional combat equipment and violated international law. The statement continued: "In the 21st century, Erdoğan intends to use the politics of genocide by imposing resettlement on an entire people in order to adapt the demographic structure of the region to his wishes.

With the strategy of genocide, the Turkish occupation state aims to transform the demographic structure of Afrin from the ground up and specifically settles members of IS / al-Nusra militias and refugees from other regions in Kurdish villages.

TEV DEM stated that the Western world has bowed to the blackmail of the Turkish state, saying; “We call on our people in all four parts of Kurdistan not to stray from the streets and to strengthen their protests. The European Union, the United Nations and international human rights organizations should be urged to fulfill their duties and adopt a clear stance against the persecution and oppression of our people."