Batufa Çekdar: We will further strengthen our resistance

Freedom guerrillas have the power to fight down all the hostile forces, YJA Star Command Council Member Batufa Çekdar said, insisting that “We will further strengthen our resistance and achieve victory.”

The Free Women’s Troops (YJA Star) are taking a leading role in the resistance against the Turkish invasion in the Medya Defense Zones in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) as well as in the fighting areas in Northern Kurdistan.

YJA Star Command Council Member Çekdar spoke to ANF about the recent YJA Star Command Council meeting and underlined the importance of the meeting in the current critical period.

The commander said, “Outstanding heroism was displayed under the guidance of the YJA Star fighters from the beginning to the end of 2021. This meeting was held to re-evaluate the resistance and achievements, to assess backfires, success or failures and shortcomings and to evolve the resistance into a bigger move.

Furthermore, the political and military situation was discussed at the meeting. The stance of the YJA Star forces in the resistance and their actions were widely assessed and historical decisions were taken. Comprehensive plans were outlined for 2022 while the processes and activities in 2021 were debated extensively. The practices developed in North Kurdistan (south-eastern Turkey) were also evaluated.”

Çekdar remarked that their biggest goal in 2021 is to strengthen the revolutionary people's war. “The guerrillas have military positions in every region from Dersim to Botan, from Serhat to Mardin and Garzan in Bakur (North Kurdistan). In 2021, the Turkish attacks continued without interruption in Bakur. 2021 was a remarkable year for us as well. We welcomed the year 2021 with major goals and objectives in mind. Our biggest goal was to strengthen the revolutionary people's war. Undoubtedly, our forces in Bakur led the resistance,” she said.


Çekdar stressed that one of the aims of the YJA Star is to destroy the AKP-MHP fascism and to secure the physical freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan by lifting the isolation in Imrali prison where he is held. “The Turkish forces also had major goals and plans. They attacked Garê in early winter but met with historic resistance. Turkish officials promised that they would end and destroy the guerrilla forces this year, as they do every year. Therefore, Turkey not only put great pressure on our people, but also continued its invasion operations uninterruptedly, resorting to brutal methods.

Some of our fighters were martyred during the resistance in Bakur. They were martyred not because of the strength of the enemy forces, but because of the shortcomings we experienced. We discussed this issue extensively at our meeting. The freedom guerrillas have the power to frustrate all the attacks of the Turkish forces. Our comrades were martyred in Bakur by inflicting heavy blows on the Turkish troops. Our YJA Star forces played a leading role in the resistance in all regions. In this regard, the stance of the YJA Star forces in Bakur is worthy of the spirit of the era and the campaign Dem Dema Azadiyê (Time for Freedom).”


Çekdar recalled that the YJA Star forces took their place in the Cenga Xabur campaign against the Turkish invasion attacks, as well as in the resistance in Metîna and Heftanîn. “The YJA Star guerrillas fought on the front lines in all areas of the resistance. They maintained an assertive and stable stance. The Turkish invasion operations have been continuing in Heftanîn. The Turkish forces attacked the guerrillas using all kinds of weaponry. However, our guerrilla forces did not leave their positions, and they carried out actions wherever the enemy forces were. Our YJA Star forces also carried out very effective actions in the Heftanîn area. The actions that shocked the Turkish forces boosted the morale of both our comrades in the field and our YJA Star forces.


The Turkish attacks are continuing in Metîna. Our YJA Star forces in Metîna also joined the resistance. The fighters resisting in the Medya Defense Zones made a significant contribution to frustrating the Turkish plans to completely occupy the region. The YJA Star, the leading force of the resistance, took a step forward in terms of its responsibilities in the past year. Since our claim to freedom is genuine, our actions are also very effective. This is evident not only in Bakur and Bashur (South), but in every region where we struggle.

This is what makes the YJA Star forces different. As YJA Star, we embrace the campaign “No more femicide, it's time to defend free women and society” initiated by the KJK. Therefore, we will further strengthen our resistance and achieve victory. Our philosophy of life is the philosophy of freedom which brings success. Hence, our philosophy of life is freedom and success.”