Clara Zetkin monument decorated with YPJ flag

Kurdish Youth Leipzig decorated the Clara Zetkin monument with a YPJ flag to honour the women's rights activist and show solidarity with the resistance in Rojava.

On the occasion of the international day for the elimination of violence against women on 25 November, activists of the Kurdish Youth Leipzig visited the Clara Zetkin Monument and decorated it with a flag of the Kurdish Women's Defense Units, YPJ.

The youth group said the following:

"The struggle for women's rights that Clara Zetkin led is being continued today by the Kurdish women of the YPJ. Since Clara Zetkin was also an internationalist, the fight of the YPJ is also hers, so we hung the flag in her honour.

In Northern Syria, targeted humiliations, acts of violence, rapes and murders of women take place every day because explicitly the fighting woman is the enemy image of the jihadist militias, who are at war for the Turkish state. Despite all the atrocities, our friends do not let themselves be dissuaded from their struggle. The YPJ fights on behalf of all martyrs and all women who are oppressed and kept down by domestic violence or other mechanisms of patriarchy. To commemorate them, to give them some strength and to convey solidarity greetings with all our heart, this is our little act to support the resistance and the struggle on this day".