Co-mayor of Saray tortured by prison guards

Jailed co-mayor of Van's Saray district was subjected to torture by some 40 prison guards, and thrown down the stairway in Elazığ T Type Prison.

Co-mayor of Van's Saray district, Zilan Aldatmaz, who was jailed on 1 November 2016 after getting dismissed and replaced by a state-appointed trustee, was tortured by the guardians in Elazığ T Type Prison.

Aldatmaz's lawyer Resul Aslan stated that a debate occurred when the guards entered the dormitory and called the prisoners to line up to be counted but some prisoners on the higher floor didn't follow suit instantly.

Aslan told that a prisoner didn't descend because she was amid her prayers, whom the guardians therewith threatened with the words "We have our means to get you down" and started to attack the prisoners. The lawyer stated that 40 guards entered the dormitory and attacked the prisoners, of whom those protecting themselves from the attacks were targeted violently.

Lawyer Resul Aslan explained that his client Zilan Aldatmaz was particularly targeted during the attack, and said: "Because the guards threw my client down the stairway, she was injured by her left arm and her left ring finger was broken. Her whole body got covered in black and blue bruises."

Aslan stated that the guards charged Aldatmaz and the other female prisoners under the pretext of having caused 'obstruction', and denied her medical treatment on the pretense of the "high numbers of medicated men", so that the bruises would disappear from her body.

The lawyer stated that following the incident that happened 2 weeks ago, the female prisoners started hunger strikes in reaction to the increased attacks in the prisons.

It was stated that the guards' attack was conducted under the supervision of the prison administrator.