Demos in Sweden in protest at violence against women

The Kurdish women's movement has been protesting against violence against women in several Swedish cities.

In Stockholm, Uppsala, Örebro, Karlstad, Gävle and Söderhamn there have been protests against the increased violence against women during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The protest action in the Swedish capital Stockholm took place on the busy Drottningsgatan. Activist Sultan Öger stated that an increase in violence against women and children has been registered worldwide. The own home is a dangerous place for many women and the exceptional situation in the Coronavirus pandemic has led to a significant increase in domestic violence.

This situation is no different in Sweden, said Sultan Öger. "According to the Swedish Statistics Office, crimes have decreased during the pandemic. There are also fewer violent crimes on the streets. During the same period, however, violence against women has increased by twenty percent.”

During the protest action in Stockholm, flags of the Kurdish women's movement were waved and banners against violence against women were carried. The rally ended with the slogan "Jin, Jiyan, Azadî – Woman, Life, Freedom".