Education workshops for women in Washokani camp

Kongra Star Education Committee organized education workshops for women in Washokani camp.

Kongra Star Education Committee organized education workshops for displaced women living in Washokani camp located in Heseke. 

15 women from the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria and the communes have started a 10-day education workshop.

Women participating in the workshop received education about women’s history, criticism-self-criticism, culture and ethics, common life, natural society and nationalism.

Nûr Xazî Osman, member of the Kongra Star Education Committee, told Jinha Women Agency that "education is important for women. We aim to organize women, to teach them their history, to change their mindset so that they can rebuild a free and equal life. Organization starts with women. If women organize themselves, they can also organize their society because they are, because women are the foundation of society. Through education, we want to reach all women and support them to rebuild a free life. Our revolution is a cognitive revolution. Women are the ones who will win in this revolution. Thanks to the thoughts and philosophy of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, women have an opportunity to return to themselves, to learn their history and to build a free life."