European Women's Solidarity demands the release of Amed detainees

The European Women's Solidarity demanded the release of all those detained in Amed on May 22.

In a written statement, the European Women's Solidarity condemned the political genocide police operations carried out against women's institutions in Amed on Friday and demanded that those detained be released immediately.

The European Women's Solidarity said: "On Friday 22 May, a number of women were detained together with several Kurdish politicians in Amed."

The statement reminded that "since the day it was founded, the Rosa Women's Association has achieved great success in combating violence against women. This attack once again showed the true face of Turkish fascism. The AKP- MHP government and law enforcement officers attacked the women's freedom struggle and rewarded murderer and rapists of women, and those who used violence against them."

The statement added: "Since the AKP came to power, violence against women has increased exponentially. Because of this mentality, women's associations, women's institutions, women's solidarity networks have repeatedly been targeted by male-dominated capitalist power. By appointing trustees to HDP-run municipalities, the Turkish fascism has targeted the Kurdish people."

The European Women's Solidarity demanded the release of all those detained.