Feminist café in Hamburg presents the experience of Jinwar women village

In the café of the feminist organization “Fighting Together” in the Kölibri district center in St. Pauli, women reported to a delegation about life in the women's village of Jinwar in Rojava.

After a long break due to the restrictions observed during the coronavirus pandemic, the café of the feminist organization “Fighting Together” opened again in Hamburg in the Kölibri district center. This time the topic at the meeting was the women's village of Jinwar in Rojava.

Three women from “Fighting Together”, who visited Northern and Eastern Syria in 2019 as part of a delegation to write the book "We know what we want - women's revolution in Northern and Eastern Syria" spoke about the Kurdish women's movement and how it is organised. As part of their research for the book, they were also in Jinwar and interviewed the women who lived there.

Many of the listeners were from the neighbourhood, and there were questions and considerations as to how a project like Jinwar could also be implemented in St. Pauli. There was a lively exchange about the common life in Jinwar, about the social contract in Rojava to the local women's academies. Appropriately, reference was made to the idea of ​​the women in Jinwar, who wish that small Jinwars should be created all over the world. Even if it is “only” two houses in a city that will become an autonomous place for women, it will be enough to start.

Anja Flach from “Fighting Together” said that even cafes like the one in Hamburg, which is a place to exchange ideas, to learn together and to create a network, already represent a coming together in the sense of Jinwar.

Finally, the audience was informed about the current threatening situation in Rojava due to attacks and threats by Turkey.

The next café of “Fighting Together” will take place on November 15th at 6 p.m. in Kölibri, Hein-Köllisch-Platz 11 in Hamburg.