Following the revolution to the Red Mountains: Sarah Handelmann

On 7 April 2019, Sarah Handelmann, Sara Dorşin, handed the flag of freedom and justice to her comrades when she fell martyr following an air strike carried out by the AKP army.

Sarah Handelmann, Sara Dorşin as she is known in the PKK, went to Kurdistan after been filled with the fire and spirit of German marxist and advocate for women's rights Clara Zetkin.

Sara Dorşin fell martyr on 7 April 2019 during the Turkish army air strike on the mountains of Kurdistan.

Sara Dorşin took her place in the mountains among the guerrillas of the YJA Star, the Kurdish women army, which was becoming internationally known.

Sara Dorşin is the name of the transformation from pure simplicity into a fighting and empowering woman, where tiny eyes are a ball of light. She turned her back on all the colors of Germany's city to embrace all the colors of life. She found her own color and offered it to the PKK.

Sarah Handelmann, Sara Dorşin, was born in 1985 in Germany. Following the footstep of resistance, she found her way and met the women of Kurdistan. She saw the revolution of the people carried out in Rojava and opened her ears to the revolution.

[...] Following the footsteps of the revolution, Sara Dorşin went into the redness of the mountains. She would say: "I wanted to come to the mountains to create a new personality. Reber Apo's ideology is strong enough to be an alternative to all the problems of my country, that is, to the German society."

On 7 April 2019, Sara Dorşin handed the flag of freedom and justice to her comrades when she fell martyr as a result of the air strike carried out by the AKP' army.

The PKK flag, which carries all the colors of rebellion, was not only in the guerrilla. It surpassed the guerrilla, surpassed the Kurdish people, and spread throughout the world.

Sakine Cansiz death meant the birth of many Sara. One Sara was buried, thousands of Sara were born…