Özak Tekstil workers protesting in Urfa attacked by gendarmerie

Özak Tekstil workers, who have been protesting against pressure, mobbing and dismissals in Urfa for 15 days, were subjected to a gendarmerie attack for the second time, and many workers were taken into custody.

Özak Textile factory workers in the 1st Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) in Urfa (Riha) have been on strike for 15 days. Workers protest mobbing, threats and dismissals.

The workers, who came to the front of the factory again early in the morning to continue the protest, encountered a gendarmerie blockade.

The gendarmerie closed the street where the factory was located with barriers and did not allow workers to pass.

Workers continued their protest by blocking the road in front of the mosque in OIZ and starting a sit-in protest.

The gendarmerie attacked the workers by spraying pressurized water from TOMA and took many workers into custody by using violence with batons and shields.

Other workers were forced to the outer gate of the industrial zone.