HPJ: "Unite women's struggles, end feminicide"

The Women's Defense Forces in Rojhilat, eastern Kurdistan, held a military ceremony in the mountains to mark International Women's Struggle Day March 8.

East Kurdistan’s Women's Defense Forces (Hêzên Parastina Jinên, HPJ) held a military ceremony under the slogan "Unite women's struggles, end feminicide" in the mountains of Kurdistan on the occasion of the International Women's Struggle Day March 8. Ciwana Sine (KJAR), Gulan Fehim (KODAR), Viyan Karxo (YJCR) and HPJ commanders Faraşîn Mahabat and Rojda Zagros participated in the ceremony.

Faraşîn Mahabat delivered a speech in which she called March 8 "Day of Resistance for Freedom." The male domination system is built on the enslavement of women, and women are resisting this in great waves of resistance, the commander elaborated. She stressed that the struggle for women's liberation is now unstoppable, and this year's March 8 will be celebrated with this in mind.

"A new age has begun. It is the age of women and of living in union with freedom, democracy and nature. Undoubtedly, a difficult time lies ahead that will take a great toll. Ultimately, however, a free and equal life for all humanity will emerge from it under the leadership of women."

The guerrilla commander referred to the Kurdish women's movement, which has established its own armies and parties and built its own system. Thus, she said, the movement has become a source of hope for women worldwide. “The Iranian regime oppresses women and Kurdish women are the focus of state terror. Organized self-defense is needed to defend against this,” she said.

Faraşîn Mahabad ended her speech with a salute to the women's guerrilla troops YJA-Star, the YPJ in Rojava, the YPS-JIN in Northern Kurdistan, the YJŞ in Shengal and all internationalists fighting for the revolution in Kurdistan.