Iranian court sentences teacher to 5 years in prison for teaching Kurdish

An Iranian court sentenced Zara Mihemedi, who teaches Kurdish to children in East Kurdistan (north-western Iran), to 5 years in prison.

Iranian state authorities have been targeting female teacher Zara Mihemidi for many years. The only reason is her educational activities to teach Kurdish.

The young woman who voluntarily teaches Kurdish was released on bail last year after being detained several times.

Previously, the Sine Revolutionary Court sentenced Mihemi to 10 years in prison. However, a court of appeal later reduced her sentence to 5 years.

Zara Mihemedi's sister Heybet Mihemedî told RojNews that the Iranian authorities accused and arrested Zara on various charges last year:

“The Iranian government keeps accusing Zara of various charges each time. She was once accused of being an opponent of the Islamic Republic and later a supporter of the Socialist Party. A few days ago, that she was officially sentenced to 5 years. Zara has to go to prison within 10 days.”

Mihemedi's sister Heybet revealed that many members of the Judicial Council have not yet signed official papers to sentence Zara but state officials want to put her into prison immediately. Heybet reacted that Zara was given only a few days to go to prison.

On May 23, 2019, Iranian intelligence officers raided Zara Mihemedî's house on the grounds that she was teaching children in Kurdish.