Jineology Academy calls on Bashur government to find killers of Nagihan Akarsel

In a statement regarding the murder of Jineology Research Center member Nagihan Akarsel, the Jineology Academy called on the Bashur government to find the murderers as soon as possible.

The Jineology Academy made a written statement regarding the murder of Nagihan Akarsel, a member of the Jineology Research Center.

The statement said that the murder of Akarsel was perpetrated by fascist and hegemonic forces against women in resistance around the world, and added: "This attack, which developed as a continuation of the brutal murders of Yasin Bulut, Mehmet Zeki Çelebi and Suheyl Xurşid, put an onus on the administration of the Bashur Kurdistan government to find the killers as soon as possible.”

The statement continued: “Nagihan led the university youth movement, the press, and Jineology studies. She spent a long time in the Kurdistan Women's Freedom struggle, and resisted in prison for years because of her commitment. During the most difficult years of the Rojava women's revolution, she worked especially in Afrin with great courage and determination.”

The statement added: “She touched the souls and hearts of Shengal women who experienced the most severe ISIS brutality, and conducted field research in this field to bring to light their sociology and history. While leading the women of Bashur Kurdistan, who experienced the most severe consequences of fascism and nation-state policies, she was brutally murdered by the dark mentality of the Turkish occupying forces. We call on all Bashur Kurdistan women, in the person of Shahnaz Ibrahim and Kafiye Süleyman, to put pressure on the government to enlighten this political murder, and to lead the actions to unite with the women's revolution wave developed in Rojhilat Kurdistan around the Jin-Jiyan-Azadi slogan.”