KDP detains three female politicians in Hewler

Three women politicians from Kurdistan Free Women's Organization (RJAK) have been detained by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) forces in Hewlêr.

A delegation from the Kurdistan Free Women's Organization (RJAK) visited Shengal on the seventh anniversary of the genocidal attacks against Yazidis on August 3, 2014. According to RojNews agency, the delegation was blocked by the KDP local security (Asayish) at the entrance to Hewler (Erbil).

It is reported that RJAK directors Xewla Mihemed Hesen and Ciwana Ebdulbaqî and Seyran Ehmed Hesen, who were a part of the visiting delegation, have been detained.

The RJAK administration said that they could not receive any information from KDP officials about the situation of the detained women politicians.