KJAR calls on women to “unite the struggles, end feminicide”

East Kurdistan’s women's association KJAR calls for increased organization against the patriarchal system of domination on the occasion of the International Women's Struggle Day on March 8: "If we organize and form a unity, we can succeed in everything."

The Community of Free Women of Eastern Kurdistan (KJAR) calls on women to take to the streets for the International Women's Struggle Day on March 8 under the slogan "End feminicide through women's unity!".

In the statement published today, KJAR pointed to the worldwide resistance of women and especially to the struggle of Kurdish women for a free future, saying, "As women from Eastern Kurdistan, we call on all women to strengthen our unity in action and organization and to expand the struggle. Women in Kurdistan, the Middle East and in many places around the world are preparing to strike another blow to the patriarchal system of domination, sexism, religious fanaticism and nationalism on March 8th. In the face of daily killings of children and women, ecological destruction, prostitution and many other social problems in Eastern Kurdistan, we appeal to all women to organize and fight united for a free life."

The statement continued, "Kurdish women everywhere are leading the peoples' resistance against the system of capitalist modernity and in building a democratic, ecological and gender-free life. The regime in Iran is carrying out feminicide with its male-statist mindset, anti-women policies, laws and all forms of violence to beat back women's struggle for freedom and equal rights. Women in Eastern Kurdistan are resisting against this and have the claim to push their freedom march even further. More than ever, there is an awareness to organize and fight together. We are living in the age of women."

For March 8, KJAR wants to address underage marriage, rape, violence, poverty, ecological destruction, societal sexism, and executions, saying, "A limited struggle will not be enough to dismantle the patriarchal system of domination around the world and build a new life led by women. As KJAR, we say: In Iran and Rojhilat, we need nothing more urgently than an organized struggle. Let us come together on March 8. If we organize and form a unity, we can succeed in everything."