Kongra Star in Aleppo celebrates 18th anniversary of its foundation

Kongra Star in Aleppo celebrated the 18th anniversary of its foundation.

Kongra Star in Aleppo celebrated the 18th anniversary of its foundation. The celebration was held in Elwan Hall in the borough of Şiqêf and saw the participation of dozens of people.

Kongra Star Coordination member Roşîn Musa underlined that the women’s umbrella organization was created to protect women and children above all.

Kongra Star Executive member Valendina Ebdo talked about the history of Kongra Star and said: “Kongra Star was established on 15 January 2005 with the name Star Union. The purpose of the association is to promote the role and history of women to all women. The Star Union organized women to recognize their existence and will, which has been denied for thousands of years. On this basis, they organized to oppose oppressive power systems with the slogan ‘Jin, Jiyan, Azadi’.

Kongra Star works in Damascus, Aleppo and Europe

Drawing attention to the Northern and Eastern Syrian revolution, Kongra Star Executive member Amina Xidro said: “Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, people have been targeted in all of Syria and Northern and Eastern Syria regions. Against these attacks, women built an autonomous movement to protect society, especially women and children. This organization was Kongra Star.”

Amina Xidro said that the presence of women in the revolution adds beauty to civilization and added: “Women in Northern and Eastern Syria have taken their place in all political, cultural and military fields. It was thanks to the organization and resistance of female fighters that Kongra Star was established. Now our female friends from Kongra Star are working in Damascus, Aleppo and Europe. Women who raise the level of struggle have become a threat to the enemy."