Kurdish women in France to take to streets against Turkish occupation

Kurdish women in France will take to the streets on May 20-21 under the leadership of the Democratic Kurdish Women's Movement in France. Women will appeal to international institutions and protest the Turkish occupation.

Kurdish women living in France will take to the streets under the guidance of the Democratic Kurdish Women's Movement in France (TJK-F) to urge the French Parliament and the global public opinion to take action against the invasion attacks of the Turkish state. Women's assemblies in France will stage demonstrations on May 20 and 21.

“Forces affiliated with the Barzani family are currently attacking the Yazidis in Şengal. Erdogan and Barzani have cemented their cooperation by joint attacks against the Kurdish resistance and the Kurds who are victims of ISIS massacres. The Turkish offensive carried out on Iraqi soil is spreading. As the global public opinion is fixated on the war in Ukraine, Erdogan is taking advantage of the current situation by escalating his attacks on Kurdish lands. The Kurds resisting Barzani’s war are freedom fighters just like the Ukrainians resisting Russian occupation. On this basis, condemning Putin’s war on the one hand, and staying silent towards the war against the Kurds on the other hand, do not square with the ideals of European institutions, governments and human rights defenders. The fact that Turkey is a NATO member cannot excuse it from respecting international laws,” the TJK-F said in a statement on Wednesday.


“Aggression on guerrilla forces means enforcement of a deepened invasion campaign in four parts of Kurdistan. The military and ideological cooperation of the KDP, which is also a collaborative force, is part of the full-scale occupation. The occupation paves the way for direct attacks on the democratic, ecological, pro-women paradigm introduced in the Middle East. Every Kurd, woman, young person and individual who promotes freedom and democracy and wants to live within a dignified and moral-political framework is responsible to condemn Turkish aggression. On this basis, we call on all women, young people, the democratic public, feminist circles and individuals in Europe that endorse the Kurdish Women's Freedom to take to the streets in order to increase the resistance and raise their voices against this war,” the statement continued.


The TJK-F will stage demonstrations, including in Paris. While the demo in Paris will take place in front of the Invalides French Parliament at 14:00 on May 21, Kurdish women will take to the streets in Grigny during the same hour. In Bordeaux, a demonstration will be staged in Stalingrad on May 20 at 19.00. Women in Rennes will gather at the Requblique Square on May 20 at 18:00. In Toulouse, women will be at Campine de Mouton noir la Bourdette on May 21 at 14.00. In Strasbourg, they will come together in front of the Gare at 14.00 on the same day. Grigny Women's Assembly will organize a march at 16:00 on May 21 from the Kurdish Democratic Community Centre to the municipality of Grigny.  

Women will flock to the streets on May 20 and 21 at many other points throughout France.

The TJK-F urged the public to embrace the guerrilla forces by participating in the actions.