Kuş: Vote for the Green Left Party on May 14!

Nilay Kuş, a candidate of the Green Left Party for Istanbul, said that voters show great interest in her party’s election campaign.

Nilay Kuş ranks 7th on the candidate list for Istanbul’s 2nd constituency for the May 14 elections. She was born in 1991 in the Mızraklı village of Hatay's Samandağ district to an Arab Alevi family. She became a member of the Social Freedom Party (TÖP) during her university years and has been an active member of the party since. She took part in the foundation phase of the Purple Solidarity and the Campus Witches. She currently serves as the spokesperson of the Social Freedom Party.

Speaking to ANF, Kuş stated that she is familiar with the 2nd constituency since she has been living in Istanbul’s Fatih district since her student years.

Nilay Kuş called on women to march together on May 1 and to vote for the Green Left Party on May 14.


Kuş remarked that Istanbul voters show huge interest in their election campaign. “We have seen how people welcome us with hope and enthusiasm at the openings of election campaign offices. Our campaign on the streets and the field is embraced by the city’s residents. Taking inspiration from voters’ endorsement, we will continue to campaign much more effectively for the 14 May elections."


Kuş pointed out that very few women candidates were presented by the People's and Nation’s alliances. She continued: “We have seen that most of the female candidates who entered the lists were not at the top, and we are not surprised by this. The attacks by the AKP-MHP government against women and the feminist struggle have been going on for years. The government withdrew from the Istanbul Convention and is about to overturn Law No. 6284. We can think of the Green Left Party as a party that objects to anti-women policies. In this sense, it is not a coincidence that we, women, are candidates from the Green Left Party. We will pursue policies to promote women's perspectives against the existing male-dominated system, power and policies. We will make efforts to reintroduce the Istanbul Convention. We will advocate women’s achievements, including Law No. 6284.”


Kuş stressed that the effects and consequences of the earthquake disaster continue, and the state is still not helping earthquake survivors enough as it was on the first day. She added: “The survivors still cannot reach their most basic needs, from food to hygiene products and there are not enough tents and containers in the region. The presence of socialists, revolutionaries and the Kurdish movement in the earthquake-hit cities was very important. We built bridges of solidarity and tried to heal the wounds of the disaster together. We are still doing so. We are still with the people there. We need a new life. We think that the discontent of the region’s people will be reflected in the ballot boxes on May 14.”


Kuş called on women to fight together against the economic crisis, war, exploitation, exclusion of women from social life, harassment, rape and abuse. She added: “We have May Day ahead of us. A broad participation in May events will bring enthusiasm to our election campaign and victory on May 14. In this sense, it will be very important for women to attend marches and events at the forefront on May 1. We call on women to struggle together on May 1 and to vote for the Green Left Party on May 14.”