Men kill three more women in three different cities

Three more women were killed by men in Ankara, Ağrı and Isparta.

Women are victims of men and often of men they sare their life with.


Veysel Tetik (51) attacked his wife, Selma Tetik, early on Saturday morning. The couple lived in Mustafa Kemal neighborhood in Sincan, Ankara. Tetik shot his wife in the neck. The woman died in hospital, while her killer was captured. 


It has been reported that 23-year-old Pakize Öztaş, mother of 2, died after a discussion with her husband on 19 May. The couple was living in the village of Aşağı Kara Halit (Qerexalta Jêrê) in the Tutak district of Ağrı.

Öztaş's father, Mehmet Başboğa, said that his daughter had been subjected to violence for months. He added that her husband kept her inside in order to prevent her from talking to anyone. He said that the family was informed of Pakize's death hours after she had died. Noting that her daughter was not someone who would commit suicide, Başboğa said that his daughter's death was to be treated as suspicious.


In Isparta, a man named R.A. murdered his mother Seher A. and his father Nizamettin A. with a cutting tool. The bodies of the victims have been brought to Süleyman Demirel University Hospital.