Mothers: The struggle will continue until the isolation ends

Mothers gathered in the HDP Bahcelievler district offices and said they will continue their struggle in front of the prisons until the isolation ends.

Mothers of prisoners on hunger strikes met in the HDP Bahcelievler district offices in Istanbul and said they will continue to fight until the Imrali isolation is ended.

HDP MP Zuleyha Gulum attended the press statement by the mothers.

The mothers have been holding a vigil in front of the Bakirkoy Prison for the last 25 days to draw attention to the ongoing hunger strikes and death fasts in prisons and have been attacked by the police every time.

Nesibe Basaran, mother of two hunger strikers Serhildan and Idris Basaran, spoke in Kurdish and said: “I am the mother of two political prisoners. One of them is in the Silivri Closed Prison, and the other is in Bursa Prison. They are both on hunger strikes. We will continue our protest until a clear message reaches us, the isolation ends and our children stop their hunger strikes. We as the mothers are not afraid. We will continue to fight until our demands are met.”

The mother’s speech ended amid slogans of “Biji Berxwedana Zindanan” [Long Live the Prison Resistance].