North and East Syrian Women’s Movements condemn Turkish invasion in South Kurdistan

The Joint Action Platform of North and East Syrian Women Movements condemned the Turkish attacks, saying, “We must fulfil our national duty.”

The invading Turkish state is continuing to escalate its attacks on Medya Defense Zones in South Kurdistan and North and East Syria.

The Joint Action Platform of North and East Syrian Women Movements has released a statement regarding the latest wave of Turkish invasion attacks in Kurdistan territory, saying the following:

“The Turkish state has never hesitated to realize its aim to decimate peoples, especially the Kurdish people. As part of this policy, it has supported the armed groups and ISIS in Syria. Turkey is currently using these groups against the Kurds in Syria and Iraq. However, after failing to achieve its goals, it has resorted to plans to invade Afrin, Serêkaniyê, Girê Spî, Jarablus, Azaz and al-Bab. Turkey has thus started destroying, plundering, raping and confiscating properties. It has sought to replace the local people in the region by foreign people, which violates the principles of international human rights.

Most recently, Turkey is using all kinds of weapons to eradicate the PKK and HPG in South Kurdistan. These attacks not only intimidate the people in the safe areas of the region but also target civilians with drones and heavy weapons along the borders of Zirgan, Til Temir, Kobani, Ayn Issa, Manbij, Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Sipî. The most recent Turkish offensive is part of a larger plan to destroy the gains of the revolution, the brotherhood of peoples, peaceful life and democracy project introduced by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.


The Women's Defense Unit (YPJ) which defeated the ISIS terrorist organization in Kobani, the symbolic city of resistance, and ended ISIS presence in Baxoz, paid a huge price to achieve these marvellous achievements. The YPJ fascinated the whole world. Women boosted their self-confidence and reinvented themselves, which has led to social enlightenment and progress. This is the very reason why ISIS made a comeback to take revenge in order to break the will of women who are the precursors of the revolution in North and East Syria and Rojava.

The crimes of the Turkish state against humanity should be investigated by the international community and the perpetrators should be punished.

As women in North and East Syria, we call on all the people of the region to fulfil their national duties and to unite against the establishment of a new army out of the mercenaries in Syria in order to realize the intentions and aims of a new Ottoman state under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

We request the international community not to remain silent in the face of the violations of the Turkish state in order to frustrate the hostile policies directed at North and East Syria. The Turkish attacks are a clear violation of an agreement between the US, Russia and Turkey.

We urge the Syrian and international women's organizations, as well as women and legal organizations in the Middle East, to fulfil their duties to stop the crimes committed by Turkey and its mercenaries against civilians in North and East Syria and to put an end to Turkey’s overall occupation in Syria. An investigation should be launched into the crimes committed by the Turkish state in order to end the Syrian crisis, to pave the way for a political transition process, to implement the UN Resolution 2254, to declare a no-fly zone in North and East Syria and to ensure justice and a safe return of migrants based on international guarantees.”


The women's organizations that signed the statement are as follows:

“Meclisa jin ya Bakur û Rojhilatê Sûriyê, Meclisa Jinên Sûriyê, Koordînasyona Jin a Rêveberiya Xweser li Bakur û Rojhilatê Surî, Kongra Star, Kombûna Jinan a Zenûbiyayê, Yekitiya Jinên Suyan, Meclisa Jin a Partiya Yekitiya Demokratîk, Meclisa Jin a Partiya Sûriya Pêşerojê, Yekitiya Jinên Ciwan, Mekteba Jin a Meclisa Sûriya Demokratîk, Mekteba Jin a TEV-DEM, Navenda Lêkolîn û Parastina Mafên Jinan li Sûriyê, Komîteya Jin a Rêxistina Mafên Mirovan li Cizîrê, Komperatîfa Saoşka, Şebeket Qayîdat El-Selam, Rêxistina Sara ya li Dijî Tundiya li Ser Jinan, Tevgera Hîlala Zêrîn ve Weqfa Jina Azad.”