One more Yazidi woman rescued from ISIS mercenaries

Another Yazidi woman was rescued from the hands of ISIS mercenaries.

Hüseyin Faidi, director of ISIS Rescue Office, reported that one more woman was rescued from ISIS mercenaries.

A total of 3,574 people have been rescued so far. Faidi said that the attempts to save more women still in the hands of ISIS mercenaries continue, and added that he hoped that these attempts are successful so that he will be able to soon share information about those other women.

Faidi said in a statement to the press that a Yazidi woman named A.D., who had been in the hands of ISIS mercenaries for more than 9 years, was rescued.

He added that she was 23 years old and that she had been kidnapped from Shengal when she was 14 years old.

Without giving information about the region from which the Yazidi woman was rescued, Faidi continued: "There are 4-5 more women waiting to be rescued in the same region where that young Yazidi woman was rescued. When we liberate them, we will share their names and the region they were kept with the public."

Faidi said that the Iraqi government has not provided them with any help to save the women and added that they should collaborate to ensure that more women are liberated and reunited with their families.