Online memorial for Meredith Tax

An online memorial will be organized to pay tribute to activist Meredith Tax.

The Emergency Committee for Rojava will organize a zoom event on Sunday, 7 May  at 12 pm (EST) to commemorate the life of their co-founder, feminist organizer and writer, Meredith Tax.

Her friends from different movements and all around the globe will attend the event. Register here for the zoom link. 

Meredith Tax was a prominent activist and writer of second-wave feminism who challenged herself, her peers and the world at large to rethink long-held ideas about gender, race and class. She died last September, aged 80.

Meredith Tax was co-founder of the North America Rojava Alliance and of the Emergency Committee for Rojava. Within the committee, she organised not just solidarity and protest actions for Rojava but at the same time informed the public about the current situation there, put pressure on politicians, won new friends and supporters for the Kurdish liberation cause, and organised concrete solidarity.