Online workshops on self-defence for women

In the face of the curfew due to the coronavirus, violence against women has increased in many countries. The women's organisation "Purple Solidarity" in Turkey offers virtual workshops on self-defence.

The curfews due to the Corona crisis are aggravating the situation of victims of domestic violence worldwide. Even though there are still no official figures in Turkey, women's organisations are warning of an increase in the already disturbing figures on violence against women. After all, statistically speaking, the home is one of the most dangerous places for women. This is also the case in Turkey, where more than 70 percent of femicides take place in the home. In March alone, 21 women were murdered by men nationwide, in 18 cases in their own homes. The perpetrators are men from the women's closest environment: husbands, partners, fathers, sons, brothers, rejected lovers.

Against this background, the women's organisation "Purple Solidarity" (Turkish Mor Dayanışma) now offers online workshops on self-defence for women. "Women, however, are not only victims of physical violence. They also experience emotional and social damage, i.e. psychological violence", explains activist Yeşim Güzel from Mor Dayanışma. Self-defence begins at a point where women say: "Enough, defend yourself", says Güzel.

To enable women to protect themselves and their lives from potential or actual assaults, Mor Dayanışma has initiated a number of other virtual courses in addition to online workshops on self-defence against male violence, so that participants can learn how to deal physically, mentally and emotionally with extreme situations. "In this enormously stressful situation, we naturally want to implement actions that bring joy and hope. In addition, with our groups we offer the women legal, psychological and health support."

Violence will continue to rise due to judicial reform

Güzel also fears that the prison reform passed by the Turkish parliament at the beginning of the week will mean a free ticket for acts of violence against women. "We are deeply concerned, as the new prison law is in principle a breeding ground for domestic violence. Those responsible for the continuing violence against women, rape and murder of women are the ones who release the perpetrators."

The online workshops of Mor Dayanışma take place on Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.